Monday, October 22, 2012

Baltimore Area Council Leadership Update on the IV Files and Youth Protection Policy

The media has a copy of the IV file. Local councils do not have these files. The IV files are maintained at the National office; we do not have any additional information beyond what is made public by a plaintiff attorney. The events and creation of those files happened between 30 and 50 years ago. It is not possible for our Council to address any aspects or details about them. What we CAN tell you is that the criticisms of those files relate to previous practices and procedures that have evolved since its creation and have been changed to better recognize, report and protect youth from abuse. For example, BSA current policy says that any good faith suspicion of abuse must be reported to the proper law enforcement agencies by its members and volunteers, and an individual is removed from Scouting as soon as a report is received. All registered leaders must undergo criminal background checks and take BSA Youth Protection training. BSA will keep individuals out of Scouting based on information we have, even if law enforcement determines that information insufficient to take action. Click on for a straight-forward comprehensive overview of our BSA Youth Protection Policy.
Barry F. Williams, Chairman of the Board
Trey Shupert, Commissioner
Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive & CEO
Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive & CEO
Baltimore Area Council,
Boy Scouts of America
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